At its Restricted Session on 15 December 2016, the Council approved the time frame for the next update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics, defining May 2020 as the optimum date for the Council’s approval of the updated Strategy, set out in document CERN/SPC/1080/RA-CERN/3289/RA.


At its Restricted Session on 15 March 2018, the Council approved the detailed plan for the Strategy update process and an amendment to the composition of the Physics Preparatory Group (PPG), set out in document CERN/SPC/1099/Rev.-CERN/3340/Rev. According to this plan, the Council decided to formally launch the Strategy update process through the establishment of the ESG and the PPG at its Session in September 2018.


At its Restricted Session on European Strategy Matters on 28 September 2018, the Council appointed the members of the Physics Preparatory Group (PPG) proposed by the SPC and ECFA, approved the establishment of the PPG, and approved the establishment of the European Strategy Group (ESG) set out in document CERN/SPC/1115/Rev.-CERN/3389/Rev.